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AAA Gaming Priorities via The Verge and Siliconera

It kinda pisses me of that some people that don’t know shit about game development complains about this. Yhe of course making one animation for reskinned horses would be exactly the same amount of work as redoing every movement based animation for a character that is based around movement…

…I agree but disagree, Assassins creed character code is relatively the same in every game. If you’ve seen anything about L.O.T.R S.O.M it utilizes the same code it’s just a re-skinned character with the world seamlessly built around him. 

The real “stupidity” here is the fact that this is entirely two separate company’s Ubisoft and Konami developing two entirely different games both Ubisoft & Konami are independent companies who shouldn’t be vilified just because they simply didn’t add a certain feature and or character to a game. I really would’ve liked to see a female character in this game because it would add more of a dynamic on the 4-player online but I feel like people don’t understand that games are considered art and you shouldn’t make people do something or want them to do something they don’t want to do with their art it’s a little something called Artistic Freedom…. 

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